How to Give My Husband Head: step by step instructions

Ok, so you want to know how to give your husband head, let me start by telling you that you are doing one of the best things you can ever do for your relationship by learning to give head, If you are wondering what is the connection between oral sex and the health of your relationship, you need to understand that sexual gratification is an integral part of a happy relationship and there are very few tings in the world that can make a man feel as good as a good blow job. So let's talk about how you can give you husband head.

Start by lubricating your mouth, you have to ensure that you are well hydrated so that you salivate enough to give him the right warm, wet feel.

Now there are two ways to start, you can directly get down to business and get on your knees or you could take things slow, start by kissing him passionately and trace your way down to his crotch. If you are new to this, the second way would be perfect for you.

Now, remember that to feel the part you need to dress up for it. So don't try to give your man head while you have donned your grandma's drawers. Get something sexy , nothing bespeaks a great blowjob like sexy lingerie, don't worry too much about your body because it is the attitude that makes you hot and sexy and a few extra pounds here and there will have n bearing at all on your sex appeal.

Get some sexy lingerie for the occasion, put on some makeup, and try to dress up like a porn star if you don't know how to do so simply check out free porn online and try to imitate the look.

When your man walks in, surprise him with your look, add to the effect by preparing the room in advance with some candles, now trace your mouth to his crotch, kiss him through his boxers, caressing his penis. Then make him sit in his favorite chair and take of his boxers. kiss his penis softly from top to bottom use one hand to hold his shaft as you kiss it give it soft licks intermittently, look him in the eyes and moan as you lick your lips right before you start giving his shaft long yearning licks.

Get him nice and wet. Now take him in your mouth as you grip the base of his shaft tightly with our hand, take just the head in your mouth and swirl your tongue all over it. By now your man should be very, very hard.

This is the right time to take him in your mouth and start sucking and moving your hands p and down his shaft stroking him while you suck. With your other hand massage his balls gently as you continue sucking his penis. Increase your pace as you go along sucking him harder and faster till he climaxes and that is all there is to an amazing blow job.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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