How To Give Mind Blowing Head - For Real

Giving mind blowing head is about two things really, get one of them wrong and it's just not going to work at all. Get them both right and you'll have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

The first thing is enjoying it, really getting into it, and keeping focused on what you're doing. This is so important to the experience.

The second thing it getting your technique down so well that you could make an 84 year old impotent man blow his load straight down your throat in under two minutes. Now that's technique!

In order to get technique like that you're going to have to imagine that your mouth is not a mouth anymore. Nope, it's a vagina. Meditate on your vagina and mentally transform your mouth.

The most important difference is that your vagina doesn't have any teeth. The second difference is that a woman's vagina, while ovulating, gently pulls on a man's penis naturally. Of course, this can also be accomplished through kegeling down, but that's a whole other story.

So, we need to recreate the sucking and clamping sensation without getting our teeth in the way. Don't know how to do it? Well, practice with a banana or some other penis shaped object. Go slowly and make sure that your teeth aren't ever touching the object. You'll figure it out, use your lips and your tongue to help you. Practice makes perfect.

Also, you've got to get that sucking pressure just right. Imagine how tight your vagina is, you want to emulate it. But remember, the human jaw is the strongest muscle in the body, you do not have to go too hard. In fact sucking too hard may be painful for you man, so get your pressure up to where he's slightly uncomfortable and then drop is down just a little, now you've got it just right.

Learning how to deep throat is an advanced technique, but it's also not as difficult as some of us may think. Simply practice slowly forcing a penis shaped object down your throat. You won't get it at first, but eventually it will just slide right down. Mmm. Get this move down and you're a real blow job queen.

Remember that you have to get your man to cum, and to do this you're going to have to go at a stroke speed that's fast enough. It's all about getting his heart rate up to the "point of no return".
Ever heard the term, no one likes a quitter, well no one like's a spitter either. So please swallow and at least pretend to like it.

- written by our guest author, Jenny

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