How To Give Road Head - A Step By Step Guide

Stuck in traffic or on a long boring road trip with your man? Well, if you're in the mood nothing beats the boredom of a trip in the car like a little road head. What's "road head", you ask? Think about it a moment. Yes, you've got it...that's road head – giving a blow job while traveling on down the highway of life.

The important thing to remember about giving good road head is to be a tad more gentle and work at a bit of a slower pace than you would if you were giving a blow job at home. Remember your man is piloting a machine that is powerful enough to kill you both. And you don't want the last second of you life to be you biting off the top of your man's penis, do you? Of course not.

Road head is all about spicing up your road trip and giving your man something he'll remember for the rest of his life. It's best to surprise him with the idea. Do not discuss it before the trip.

Begin by placing your hand on his bulge and working him to an erection first, then unzip. He'll get the picture and the smile on his face will let you know that it's a welcome distraction for the boredom of the road.

If you're on the interstate choosing the right lane is important. I would definitely go with the far right lane. If you go with the center lane or the far left lane truckers are going to be able to look down and see what you're up to. Of course, if that's you thing, you go girl, pick that center lane!

Once you've got his erection out of his pants get to work. It's a little bit difficult to face your man and look up at him from this angle, so remember to use your sexy little voice to turn up the heat. The usual dirty talk is much hotter in this setting than anywhere else.

Tell him that you couldn't wait until you got to where you were going to suck on his amazing, juicy cock. Tell him that it's so big and beautiful that you just can't keep your mouth off of it. Works every time.

As one last point to remember, I really like the far right lane, as when your man gets close to climaxing he can pull off to the side and let you finish the job. Having him cum while driving is a bit dangerous because during orgasm his legs may find that they have a mind of their own.

Let them concentrate on the pedals and then finish him off at the side of the road...or live dangerously and let 'er rip. I warned you but it's up to you.

- this article was written by your insane blow job instructor, Jack
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