Should I Spit or Swallow

Oral sex can be an incredibly powerful "tool" in your arsenal. It's hard to explain what kind of huge impacts it can have on your relationship - sadly, most women either don't know this, or don't want to believe it. Their loss.

They think that giving a man head is all about "he's getting pleasure bla bla" - no, it's not. And this attitude won't really bring you far, especially when it comes to the quality of your oral sex skills. You have to dig in deep, understand it on a deeper level - try to dig in, down to the core to understand it.

Back to the topic. Not swallowing is just completely inpolite. Imagine a guy going down on you and then suddenly getting up and running to the bathroom to brush his teeth, or some cr@p like that. I'm pretty sure it would be a turn off. Anyway, you won't die if you swallow. These are proteins we are talking about here.

If you know how to deep throat then you can basically just have it deep enough so it doesn't even touch your tongue - which means you wouldn't really feel the "incredibly bad taste" according to some women. Well - get your man to eat some pineapples and eat right, it can't be that bad. Once you start truly enjoying giving him head, you'll see that swallowing can connect you and your partner on a deeper level.

It actually tells him how much you care, and what you are ready to do for him. Once you see the happy look on his face and how much he adores you and how beautifully he may treat you after that, with love, care and of course - paying you back by going down on you. You'll be ready to swallow every day of the week.

The thing is that most girls don't know how to give head properly so they're not even thinking about swallowing and how it may even be nice. But once you're one of the few women that not only give amazing head - but also swallow, and LOVE to swallow - come on. That's a winner. If that guy ever goes of after another women, he has to be crazy. And if you think he'll think "low" of you for swallowing, you are hardly mistaken.

Be sexual, get in touch with your senses.

If you really don't want to swallow - that's probably because that guy is not the right one for you. But you'll see - once the real deal, a real man comes along, you'll be happy to swallow the fruits of the pleasure you're giving him (and yourself! - remember, right attitude is key). Good luck, and suck with passion,

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack

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