How to Give Men Head: To swallow or not to swallow is the question

One of the primary questions that woman encounter when giving head is whether to swallow or not. Have you heard the adage, bad girls suck good girls swallow, well it will certainly create a special bond between you and your partner if you swallow. And no, don't worry there isn't a woman in the world who is allergic to good ol cum but if the idea grosses you out, don't mess up a great blow job by trying to swallow and ending up barfing in the process.

Whether to swallow or not is a matter of personal taste so to speak, if you are comfortable, go right ahead with it. Hell! You can also take steps to change the way your man tastes; for instance, adding fruits to his diet will ensure that he tastes sweet and nice or even wheatgrass that will improve the taste.

If you are not up to having your mouth filled with his cum, don't worry; just spit it into a tissue or a cloth, have a swig of water and you should be as good as new. Then there are other interesting ways in which you could accept his cum.

When you feel he is ready to shoot off his load simply turn his shaft towards your face, seeing his juice on your face dripping down your chin, matting your hair will give him the ultimate feeling of dominance, certainly worth a try. Another way is to have him cum on your breasts; this again makes a main feel amazing.

Then you could go for the hybrid technique, that's what I like to call it , start with an amazing blow job, suck him till he is just about a minute away from cumming and you will know this because his shaft will grow harder and you will feel his balls begin to tighten.

Now at this point get on top of him, but remember this one will only work if you already have him on his back, use your hands to push his hard penis into your vagina and ride him good and hard. Massage his shaft with the muscles of your vagina, if you have no idea how to do that check out the keegel exercise online and try it out on him. Move his hands to your breast and give him the best sexual experience of his life.

So as you can see, there is nothing right or wrong about swallowing or not swallowing, it is a matter of personal choice and comfort, if you are ok with it, go right ahead otherwise there are several other options. At the end of the day, you need to understand that whether you swallow or not makes little difference to man's physical pleasure; this is more of an act that will influence his mental pleasure so you can still give an amazing blow job without swallowing.

So put on that sexy lingerie, get a drink of water and get ready to give your partner a blow job that will near about make him tremble in utter pleasure.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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