The Best Way to Give Head

I myself and 98% of other men out there are completely in love with receiving great head. We think about it every single day of the week. Maybe not every guy to the same extent, but after receiving head from hundreds of women on thousands of occasions you kind of "know" if they're good or not after a minute of talking to them.

No... it's not from the size of her mouth. Size can help but it's not that important. No, it's not from the length of her tongue. Sometimes it's not even how she looks that much. So how can some men just know?

Believe it or not - it all comes down to personality. After a minute of talking you can usually see what kind of an attitude that particular woman might have towards oral sex - and most of the time I am right. All you need to do to become one of these women, so desired, is to aquire the same attitude towards oral sex as they have. Once you do that, everything else is easy. You just need to practice.

Of course, experience itself doesn't mean that a woman knows how to give GREAT head, she might be okay at it, but she might be making the same mistake year after year because no one was there to teach her how to give head properly.

Back to basics.

As I've said - the key is to get down the fundamentals.

Fundamental Tip #1

Start enjoying giving head as much as he's probably enjoying receiving it. The more you love it the more he'll love it. Yes, sometimes it's that simple. Fake it till you make it.

Over time, once you get better at it, you'll naturally start enjoying ti more once you see the amazing benefits it may have on your relationship/marriage - so over time the need to fake "enjoyment" won't be necessary. You'll naturally love something you're good at. This tip alone will skyrocket your success.

Funtamental Tip #2

Understand that messing up is okay. Not every blow job will be great. No every blow job will end in super-duper pleasure. He won't orgasm every time - and don't expect him to. Get ready for potential failure and be okay with it. It's normal, it's natural.

It's not the end of the world if it's not amazing every single time. Work on yourself and your skills and you'll become the best he ever had - but don't expect it to be perfect every single time.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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