How to Give the Best Head Ever

If you want to give your man the best head he ever got or ever will get – you need to change the way you think about blow jobs in general. The main reason why 9 out of 10 women don't know how to give good head is that they have the wrong mindset and they don't know what the guy actually wants.

They ask for advice from their girlfriends that are "more experienced" – but they forget that there are a lot of girls out there that just think they know what they're doing – but in reality, they're clueless. (which actually still makes them a bit better than the average girls).

So – where do you go for advice on pleasing your man? Right here. You learn it from men that have actually gotten head more than once, the guys that have seen it all and know what's working and what's not – yes, I am that guy. And I'll give you 3 basic tips so you can give your man the best head – ever.

One – Start acting sexier, be more seductive while you give him head. You know – give him the naughty look – not the "Oh s%@t, I have to do THIS again" look. Guys want to see that you're actually enjoying it, even more than he is – this put's a spark in his eyes and you'll see it and feel the results if you're doing it right.

The power of great head is completely incredible – that is the moment when all his pleasure depends on you, when you are leading, when he is under your complete cotrol – and when you have the power to give him ultimate pleasure and pain at the same time. So spice it up, give him the looks, the moans, the passion and you'll already be on your way to giving amazing head.

Two – Stop worrying and thinking that much. Being inside your head won't help you – at all. Thinking about "is it good" or "why didn't he came yet" or "gosh, I must look so stupid from up there" are not going to help you at all.

So stop that nonsense and start helping yourself by being in the moment, being passionate about it and connect with him on a deeper level. Yes – there are many problems, maybe your mouth is too small (or so you think), maybe you don't like the smell, maybe you got too tired – those are all common things and can be easily solved.

And last but not least – a very simple tip that can make a big difference – SALIVA. Drink some water before you start, and once you start giving him head, the more saliva you can produce and get on him the easier it will be for both you and him, just keep on practicing and over time you'll get good at it, but these are just the pure basics that can help you get above the average – you need to learn more if you want to become the best he'll ever have.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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