How To Give Oral Sex In Public - Tips

Giving oral sex in public is very tricky because...well because indecent exposure is a crime, silly. You've got to be very subtle about it. You have to think out your moves well in advance. This is not for the feint of heart. But for you "wild childs" this is right up your alley.

Say you're at the park with your man picnicking. Don't forget a couple of blankets, one for spreading out beneath you and other for giving you some cover as you give your man an incredible public sex blow job.

Bikers, joggers, and hikers will all come by and perhaps a few may stop and stare, however your chances of them calling the cops is almost out of the question. You man can keep an eye out for the fuzz anyway, so you should be all good.

Next, we have the ever popular public rest room blow job.

This works best in a smaller bar or night club atmosphere. With a small bar you may be able to lock the door behind you and have the tiny room all to yourself.

Yes, after a few minutes there's going to be a knock on the door. Just finish up and walk out with a smile on your face. Say something like, "oops I thought that bathroom was unisex". Cover your tracks. Some people might know but they can't prove what when on in there, right?

That's the thrill of giving the public blow job. You just might get caught. It heightens the experience for you and for your partner. But again, this isn't for everybody. Of course if you try it you just may find that you love it.

If you're at a bigger club oral sex is even riskier you're going to have to find an empty stall and go to town. That's how they did it back in the 1970's at places like Studio 54 and that's how some people still roll today.

I would chose the men's room if I were you because women tend to be catty and bitchy, as we know, and they're much more likely to find a bouncer and get you tossed from the place. That's just not cool. All we're looking for is a little excitement...jeez. Of course if that's what floats your boats, go nuts.

Remember to be creative when thinking up places and methods of giving oral sex in public – there's so much more to it than resorting to the back seat of the car down by the lake. Boring.

- written by our guest author, Jenny
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