Tips For a Good Head Job

Giving great head, a five star blow job, and mind bending oral sex are goals that every women should have on her sexual agenda. Want to be the girl that he's always thinking of, even when he's looking at models and watching porn? Well, then learn how to give incredible head, it's that simple.

In order to give amazing head, the very first rule is that your teeth should not be a factor. Your teeth need to be covered up and not touch his penis shaft at all. It's not as hard as it sounds. Folding your lips up and over your teeth works well, make sure his penis is very wet to begin with as well as your lips. Also, use your tongue to shield you teeth. If you need to practice this in order to get it down by all means do so.

How To Give Road Head - A Step By Step Guide

Stuck in traffic or on a long boring road trip with your man? Well, if you're in the mood nothing beats the boredom of a trip in the car like a little road head. What's "road head", you ask? Think about it a moment. Yes, you've got it...that's road head – giving a blow job while traveling on down the highway of life.

The important thing to remember about giving good road head is to be a tad more gentle and work at a bit of a slower pace than you would if you were giving a blow job at home. Remember your man is piloting a machine that is powerful enough to kill you both. And you don't want the last second of you life to be you biting off the top of your man's penis, do you? Of course not.

How To Give Oral Sex In Public - Tips

Giving oral sex in public is very tricky because...well because indecent exposure is a crime, silly. You've got to be very subtle about it. You have to think out your moves well in advance. This is not for the feint of heart. But for you "wild childs" this is right up your alley.

Say you're at the park with your man picnicking. Don't forget a couple of blankets, one for spreading out beneath you and other for giving you some cover as you give your man an incredible public sex blow job.

Bikers, joggers, and hikers will all come by and perhaps a few may stop and stare, however your chances of them calling the cops is almost out of the question. You man can keep an eye out for the fuzz anyway, so you should be all good.

How To Give Mind Blowing Head - For Real

Giving mind blowing head is about two things really, get one of them wrong and it's just not going to work at all. Get them both right and you'll have him eating out of the palm of your hand. The first thing is enjoying it, really getting into it, and keeping focused on what you're doing. This is so important to the experience.

The second thing it getting your technique down so well that you could make an 84 year old impotent man blow his load straight down your throat in under two minutes. Now that's technique! In order to get technique like that you're going to have to imagine that your mouth is not a mouth anymore. Nope, it's a vagina. Meditate on your vagina and mentally transform your mouth.

The Best Way to Give Head

I myself and 98% of other men out there are completely in love with receiving great head. We think about it every single day of the week. Maybe not every guy to the same extent, but after receiving head from hundreds of women on thousands of occasions you kind of "know" if they're good or not after a minute of talking to them.

No... it's not from the size of her mouth. Size can help but it's not that important. No, it's not from the length of her tongue. Sometimes it's not even how she looks that much. So how can some men just know?

Should I Spit or Swallow

Oral sex can be an incredibly powerful "tool" in your arsenal. It's hard to explain what kind of huge impacts it can have on your relationship - sadly, most women either don't know this, or don't want to believe it. Their loss.

They think that giving a man head is all about "he's getting pleasure bla bla" - no, it's not. And this attitude won't really bring you far, especially when it comes to the quality of your oral sex skills. You have to dig in deep, understand it on a deeper level - try to dig in, down to the core to understand it.

How to Swallow Semen

A lot of you girls out there are having some serious problems with swallowing a guys semen after giving him head. I kind of understand this problem, but the problem isn't really in the taste, the smell, the texture or whatever else excuse you might find. No, the problem is not in that.

The problem is in you.

In the way you view things. Everything can be viewed from different angles, and from which angle you look at it will determine your experience. And, ultimately, his experience - which will further impact your own experience.