Tips For a Good Head Job

Giving great head, a five star blow job, and mind bending oral sex are goals that every women should have on her sexual agenda. Want to be the girl that he's always thinking of, even when he's looking at models and watching porn? Well, then learn how to give incredible head, it's that simple.

In order to give amazing head, the very first rule is that your teeth should not be a factor. Your teeth need to be covered up and not touch his penis shaft at all. It's not as hard as it sounds. Folding your lips up and over your teeth works well, make sure his penis is very wet to begin with as well as your lips. Also, use your tongue to shield you teeth. If you need to practice this in order to get it down by all means do so.

Nothing ruin a blow job like teeth and nothing ruins a good blow job like clamping down on the penis like it's made of something other than delicate flesh. His penis is sensitive so go easy, but don't just lick it like a lamer either.

Finding the right sucking pressure is paramount to finding ultimate pleasure. So do some experimenting and monitor your guy's expressions and reactions. It won't be too hard to find the blessed sweet spot.

Once you've found the sweet spot you can keep him there for as long as you like, suspended in pre-orgasmic bliss. Of course, your jaws, hands, and neck can't keep it up forever. And that's why you need to know how to make him come. This tip is guaranteed to have him blow his load at the exact right moment.


Ok. Well, you have to increase your slurping speed first of all, once his heart rate his a certain threshold he's going to blow. The other trick is to play with his balls, perineum and even venture down towards his a**hole. That's where his ejaculatory force lives and breathes. It's an old whore's trick and it works like magic. So, when you just can't work it anymore, go for the under carriage areas.

Another tip and trick is to allow his c**k to penetrate your throat. This generates pleasure and ejaculation because it's a tighter fit. In order to learn how to do this move you've got to train your throat muscle by practicing with something c**k shaped. Ease it down, you're going to gag, but keep doing it, eventually you'll be able to relax. And when you can you'll be a top of the class blow job queen. Bravo.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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