How to Swallow Semen

A lot of you girls out there are having some serious problems with swallowing a guys semen after giving him head. I kind of understand this problem, but the problem isn't really in the taste, the smell, the texture or whatever else excuse you might find. No, the problem is not in that.

The problem is in you.

In the way you view things. Everything can be viewed from different angles, and from which angle you look at it will determine your experience. And, ultimately, his experience - which will further impact your own experience.

I hope you got what I said, if not - shake your head, think a bit. If you can give him ultimate pleasure - he'll be satisfied, and will be eager to give you some pleasure in return, and not just in a sexual way, in the bedroom.

Anyway - the reason you don't know how to swallow semen is because you are afraid of it. Either you've never done it before, or he cums too much, or you are overreacting the whole thing. The core of the problem lies in your thinking - you do not, deep inside you, enjoy giving him blow jobs.

If you did - swallowing wouldn't be an issue, it would be something you can't wait to do. Something that gives YOU amazing pleasure. Once you believe that it is the most beautiful thing in the world, and once you can't wait to get some of it - the quality of your blow jobs in general will be - at best, mediocre.

Once you've got your thinking right - implement a few little tricks. Have a glass of juice, soda or cold water nearby. Once you swallow all of his semen with a happy smile on your face, drink a few sips and gulp it down deep, it will help with washing the leftovers stuck in your throat.

If you're not going to swallow - then just forget about giving him a blow job at all. I'm not gonna feed you lies and tell you that "not swallowing" is cool - it's not. Yeah, you CAN make it interesting without swallowing, you CAN make the blow job amazing - but after 10 times of not swallowing, it just won't be "it", "the blowjob" it will just be another plain old orgasm - which he will forget as soon as the pleasure goes away. I guess that's not what you want.

But if that's what you want - go back to reading Cosmo's fairytales.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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